Saturday, 12 June 2010

Taken 2 Movie - Taken Sequel

Taken 2 MovieThere's a movie sequel to Taken in the works. Yep, you can get ready for the movie Taken 2. Producer Luc Besson has indeed announced that his production company EuropaCorp has initiated development on the movie Taken 2. Besides Actor Liam Neeson has already expressed his interest in starring in the sequel, but he's cautious saying that they need to find a believable plot first:

"There might [be a sequel to Taken]. It's just hard to get a plot that's gonna be believable. But I meet with Luc besson later this month."
Actor Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson's dedication to his role in the first Taken movie is why it became a hit. So let's hope that Writer/Producer Luc Besson has a compelling idea to definitely convince Liam Neeson to reprise his role in the movie Taken 2!

Are you glad to hear about this sequel to Taken? And do you have any suggestion for the script of Taken 2?